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Shade Bright® Instructions

How to Clean Your Blinds, Shades & Drapes With Little Effort!



Shade Bright® universal shade & drapery cleaning tool is a versatile tool, compatible with most upright & handheld vacuum and central vacuum systems. Shade Bright® universal shade & drapery cleaning tool shall be used in place of and substituted for “brush attachment” or “upholstery attachment” where indicated in your  manufacturer specific care and cleaning guidelines.

Shade Bright® cleaning tool directions are as follows:

Step 1: Consult window covering owners manual and follow manufacturer’s recommendations for care and cleaning specifics such as cleaning stroke direction, etc., (a vertical vacuum stroke is recommended in most cases).  Proceed as directed.

Step 2: Gently attempt to remove visible debris (bugs, etc.) from shade cells using a Camily™ Wand, can of compressed air or a blow dryer on cool setting. Blow or remove visible debris out the nearest end of window treatment to prevent excessive disruption of settled allergen accumulators.  Camily™Wand is available here

Step 3: Attach Shade Bright® shade & drapery cleaning tool to the suction hose of vacuum or central vacuum system.  *In the event that the friction fit connection does not seal without manual pressure or the diameters of the suction hose and Shade Bright® tool are similar in circumference, use provided gray universal adapter to insure a secure fit.  Firmly re-attach Shade Bright® tool to vacuum hose and proceed as directed.

How to Clean Your Blinds How Do You Clean Blinds


For harder to reach shades, hose extensions (5 foot length) with 1 ¼ & 1 ½ couplings are available on our website at here

Step 4: Always start by vacuuming back side of window treatment first and in accordance with manufacturer specifications.  Repeat process on front side of window treatment.  Repeat as needed.

**To maximize results and achieve a deeper cleaning, create a suction barrier by placing a piece of poly plastic or similar material behind shade and repeat Step 4 as directed**.

Shade Bright® cleaning tool is not intended to and will not remove stains. Please contact your window covering manufacturer for stain removal instructions or click here to locate a professional blind cleaner in your area to assist you with the stain removal process.

Cleaning results obtained from use of the Shade Bright® universal shade & drapery cleaning tool will vary from vacuum manufacturer to manufacturer. These results are based on the reciprocal relation between the Shade Bright® cleaning tool and the individual vacuum model and its power capabilities.