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Shade Bright® Benefits

Cleaner Shades, Healthier Homes – Anti-Allergy Vacuum Attachment



Shade Bright® cleaning tool is a SMART SOLUTION to dingy allergen infested fabric window
treatments. Beneficial to both residential and commercial building owners, Shade Bright® universal shade and drapery cleaning tool is compatible with most upright & handheld vacuum and central vacuum systems.

Shade Bright® provides an effective, effortless way to safely clean & maintain your expensive window treatments in your home or office. MAINTAINING your investment is much cheaper than replacing your investment!!!

By implementing a regular, consistent window treatment cleaning program with our Shade Bright® product, allergen accumulators will not have the opportunity to build up on your fabric window treatments! Maintenance frequency is the key to cleaner window coverings and a healthier environment for your family or co-workers.

Fabric window coverings function similar to an air filter trapping and holding dust, dirt, pollens, pet dander and other harmful allergen contributors which may provoke allergy and asthma attacks. In addition, fabric window coverings create an ideal environment for dust mites to live and reproduce.

Anti Allergy Vacuum Attachment

Dust mite fecal deposits (Der p1) is an airborne protein based allergen. Studies have shown that nearly 75% of allergy suffers are allergic to this protein commonly found in the waste of this
microscopic 8 legged insect. Common dust mite allergy symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, headache, congestion, cough, and itchy, red or watery eyes. If you commonly wake up with these cold like symptoms, you may have a dust mite allergy.

Below are some specific examples to which the Shade Bright® universal shade & drapery cleaning tool can be beneficial:

Allergy Sufferers – Studies have shown that the dust mite allergen is the number one cause of Hay Fever! Vacuuming your fabric window treatments with Shade Bright® universal shade & drapery tool on a regular basis will help reduce the allergen accumulators from building up on your fabric window treatments. A frequent cleaning regimen may help alleviate some of these unfortunate allergic reactions. Cleaning frequently is the key to cleaner shades and healthier homes.

Window Covering Retailers & Interior Designers – Educating and offering this Smart Solution to your new & existing clients will allow them to clean, maintain and enjoy their new window covering investment for many years to come.

Maid, Cleaning & Restoration Services Contractors – Increase your services and sales by offering your new & existing clients this specialty cleaning option. Shade Bright® cleaning tool will allow you to safely & effectively vacuum your clients’ fabric window coverings right where they hang!

Professional Blind Cleaners – Use Shade Bright® cleaning tool with your backpack or handheld vacuum to pre-vacuum fabric cleaning jobs! Shade Bright® universal shade & drapery cleaning tool is also an excellent product to recommend to your clients as a self maintenance tool between your professional cleaning services! Not only will it allow your clients the opportunity to protect their investment but it will also make your job as a professional blind cleaner much easier when they call you back for a “deep cleaning” of their fabric window treatments.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Services – Cut your drying time in half! Use Shade Bright® cleaning tool to safely extract excess water from ultrasonically cleaned fabric shades. *Always use an appropriate vacuum that has "wet" capabilities*

Vacuum Cleaner Sales & Service Retailers – Shade Bright® cleaning tool will be an excellent addition in your vacuum accessory aisle. Increase your sales by selling our patent pending Shade Bright® tool to your new & existing clients. This revolutionary universal shade & drapery cleaning tool is specifically designed to work with most accessory vacuum hoses & central vacuum systems. Shade Bright® cleaning tool was designed and engineered to be used on fine shades and draperies made from delicate fabrics which are held together by glue.