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About Shade Bright®

Vacuum Attachment for Cleaning Blinds, Shades & Draperies



Shade Bright® universal shade & drapery cleaning tool was designed and developed by Brent
Ricketson, a professionally trained and certified blind & drapery cleaner, located in St. Paul,
Minnesota. This patent pending SMART SOLUTION became a reality as a result of many years of research and development.

The driving factor to develop this product was simple! The need for an effective replacement for the current manufacturer recommended brush attachment. Over the years, while operating a
successful blind & drapery cleaning business - Bright Blinds, LLC (parent company and owner of Shade Bright®), Mr. Ricketson has had countless conversations with both past and present clients regarding the need for a more effective, effortless vacuum attachment specific to the fabric window covering industry. A simple product that will safely and effectively allow his clients the ability to maintain their fine fabric window coverings between his professional cleanings, thus the Shade Bright® universal shade & drapery cleaning tool was born!

Shade Bright® base tool is engineered for maximum performance! Dispensing maximum
unrestricted suction power with next to no air cavitation, producing optimal cleaning results!
Shade Bright® diffusion plate is engineered to control and distribute equal, consistent direct contact suction across the entire smooth, snag free surface of the cleaning tool.

Shade Bright®'s ergonomically correct, unique, patent pending design provides maximum direct contact suction power required to produce optimal cleaning results, yet is gentle enough not to cause damage or distortion to the glue lines and/or the fabric due to over suctioning.

Current traditional multi-use attachments on the market today such as the “brush attachment” (presently recommended by most manufacturers) are not effective. The erratic “brushing” is invasive and disturbs the weeks, months or years of accumulated allergens that make their home on these expensive fabric window treatments. Shade Bright®â€™s smooth application utilizes direct contact suction which removes the allergens from the fabric window treatment and deposits them directly into the vacuum canister rather than re-circulating them back into the air that we breathe!

Shade Bright® shade & drapery cleaning tool universal friction fit design is compatible with most upright and handheld vacuum and central vacuum systems.

Shade Bright® - Cleaner Shades, Healthier Homes.